America’s National Nightmare IS OVER!!! Let’s PARTY!!!

TOP Dems Crying About Their Filibuster Nuke

Wait. Let me get out my World’s Smallest Violin to go with that whine.

Recap: The Most Disasterous American President Evah

Jimmy Carter has nothing on this fool.


Black Family Moochers Evicted

Happy days are almost here as repugnant black family has to give up government housing.


America’s nightmare is finally ending.

What A Fucking Child He Is

Odumbo throws another meaningless tantrum. Russia lets him cry alone.


What Will It Be Next?

On monday, December 19th, 2016, 538 electors will assemble in their respective capitals to vote for the President. It requires a majority of 270 to elect a president. 306 are commited to vote for Donald Trump (one who will not fulfill his duty), so at least 305 WILL vote for Trump and make him the 45th President. All the gnashing, crying, failed recounts and other crap will be for naught. Will the Clinton losers finally accept the elections results of the American people? Sadly, no. But what is next?

Why of course they will then demand that Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts to refuse to administer the presidential oath of office. You heard it here first.

May I make a suggestion to the Left in this country. If you really want to make an impact, why don’t you gather the top 100,000 leftists in this country, from the media, academia, political in Washington, DC on the 18th and commit mass suicide in protest against a Trump presidency. That will show them. It would be greatest thing you could do for America. And the rest of us can begin cleaning up the mess you have made for the last 100 years.


Never-ending Incompetence Of Obama Regime

January 20th, noon EST cannot come soon enough. The absolute diasaster of this race-baiting, Marxist ideaolgue is a daily display of incompetence. The government data of the US has been hacked by every anti-American government including the Iranians. The Democrats and Obama were unplussed when it was proven that Hillary’s home brew server was a honeypot on the Internet, dispensing America’s secrets like a sieve. Now that Trump trumped their failure of a candidate, they are finally getting the old-time religion of security. Please, get the fuck out and let the REAL grownups govern, you are embarrassing yourselves to no end and damaging the security of the US.

This Is The End…….

Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President. No amount of Democrat whining, crying and other shenanigans will prevent that. You lost, so suck it up, buttercups.

The Real Reason Hillary Lost

Yes, you can do all the exit polls, the research you want to try to determine what slice of voters voted the way they did, what message failed and so on. But none of that will work for it boiled to one failing and one failing only:

It is really simple to see the real reason why Hillary lost. Simply, her and the Democrats, election stealers extraordinaire were so cocksure, 100%, no question about it were going to win that they didn’t see any need to spend the money stuffing ballot boxes to win like they always do.

And for once we had an real, honest election.

Death Of A Political Party

The Democrats, lead by the Marxist ideologue of Barack Hussein Obama, who’s average age in leadership exceeds the emptiness of its upcoming bench (hint: there is none) of future leaders, are going the way of another party in our history: the Whigs. B. Hussein Obama has led his party to the greatest decimation in 100 years. Obama’s failures are too numerous (almost!) to count. He will go done in history, as we have said many times since 2008, as the most disasterous President in American history.

The stark contrast with the sure success of Donald Trump in the coming years cannot but be apparent to even to the sycophant press which lavished completely unwarranted praise in the last eight years. Their heads will continue to explode as Trump proves how irrelevent they have become by going around them directly to the American people.

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Trump To Sign EO’s To Erase Obama’s Legacy

With his ‘pen and phone’, Trump can erase every piece of the Asshole’s legacy. What a great day in America that will be when Trump pulls out his Servpro pen and make the last eight years of disaster disappear ‘like it never even happened’!