Death Of A Political Party

The Democrats, lead by the Marxist ideologue of Barack Hussein Obama, who’s average age in leadership exceeds the emptiness of its upcoming bench (hint: there is none) of future leaders, are going the way of another party in our history: the Whigs. B. Hussein Obama has led his party to the greatest decimation in 100 years. Obama’s failures are too numerous (almost!) to count. He will go done in history, as we have said many times since 2008, as the most disasterous President in American history.

The stark contrast with the sure success of Donald Trump in the coming years cannot but be apparent to even to the sycophant press which lavished completely unwarranted praise in the last eight years. Their heads will continue to explode as Trump proves how irrelevent they have become by going around them directly to the American people.

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

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