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Never-ending Incompetence Of Obama Regime

January 20th, noon EST cannot come soon enough. The absolute diasaster of this race-baiting, Marxist ideaolgue is a daily display of incompetence. The government data of the US has been hacked by every anti-American government including the Iranians. The Democrats and Obama were unplussed when it was proven that Hillary’s home brew server was a honeypot on the Internet, dispensing America’s secrets like a sieve. Now that Trump trumped their failure of a candidate, they are finally getting the old-time religion of security. Please, get the fuck out and let the REAL grownups govern, you are embarrassing yourselves to no end and damaging the security of the US.

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What a fucking idiot Sebellius is.

The Lies, Corruption And Incompetence…..

.are coming home to roost.

Well, hello there. Are you just getting here? Took you long enough as we’ve been here since 2007.

Obama epic fail solar bankrupt

Death Panels Next

If Obamacare wasn’t bad enough:

Broken Website

Millions of cancellations

Sticker shock

Now comes the death panels in January from people not be able to get critical care. And what is TMN’s answer:

And lets not forget for one second who is ultimately responsible for this obscenity:

What A Loser

TMN, your ‘legacy’ is in tatters. Good Luck being a fucking lame duck the next three years.

Only allies

What A Fine Mess TMN Is In

I mean really now you supporters of this jackass in the White House cannot see how utterly an idiot he is? Please get a brain. TMN has backed himself (and us) into a corner looking like a fool.