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About That Camelot Thingy

The 50th anniversary of JFK’s assasination is upon us and the MSM and their lying progressives fascists are spinning the same old canard that

Kennedy was killed by right-wing tea partiers
. You didn’t know that tea-partiers existed in 1963? Surely you jest, just ask any starry-eyed leftist. The fact is and always will be that JFK was murdered by one of their own, a left-wing commie by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald. And their revisionist history isn’t complete about the other lie that Kennedy was set to usher in a ‘New Era’, vanquish poverty, and pull out of Vietnam. Hogwash.

Kennedy was, at best, a mediocre president. He was not guaranteed a second term. Fact is that had he not have had the back of head blown out that November day, he wouldn’t really have been lionized at all.

Jfk treason